Chronic cough reduction using capsaicin

Novel and effective treatment of chronic cough has a great market potential where we aim to validate the clinical efficacy of a capsaicinoid product. The key to successful cough treatment may not be a blocking molecule but a method to “down regulate” cough receptors with Capsicum oleoresin.

A new capsaicinoid product is deveoloped, herafter named FAMCAPS250.

Chronic cough

Coughing is, in the Western world, the most common reason to seek contact with the health care provider. At least 10 % of the adult population suffers from chronic cough. 
Of these, 10% has chronic refractory unexplained (idiopathic) cough without any effective treatment

Coughing due to common cold has similar mechanisms as chronic cough, indicating usefulness of Capsaicin treatment. There are 1 billion common colds yearly in the US.

Global market

The total amount spent on chronic cough treatment is almost 1.2 billion USD annually in the US and Europe. A large portion of the patients do not use any medication or treatment since several tries have had no success.

An effective treatment for chronic cough could
significantly increase the market for OTC treatments.

Professor Eva Millqvist

Principal investigator and key person for the FAMCAPS250 project:

Eva Millqvist MD, PhD
University of Gothenburg

Eva Millqvist is a well known researcher in the area of respiratory diseases. She has a special interest in cough and its mechanisms and has international collaboration with the most prominent cough researcher in Europe, USA and Australia.